Find a Partner

If you would like to play but can't find a partner, maybe we can help.  Simply click the correct button below, complete the required information, and hit send.  (NOTE:  If you can't find a partner for more than one day of the week, separate requests must be submitted.)

Every attempt will be made to help you find a partner.  The earlier you contact us the better your chance of finding and playing with a compatible partner. 


If you no longer need a partner, please contact us asap.  Thank You!

Swiss Team 

If you would like to play in a Swiss Team game, please submit your pair entry by clicking the Swiss Team button and completing the required information.  

If you would like to play but don't have a partner, please submit a request.  Every attempt will be made to find you a partner.


A list of entries will be maintained in the order that they are received by the Game Organizer. The deadline for entries will be noon Thursday on the day of the game.  If there are an odd number of pairs signed up by the deadline, an effort will be made to find enough players to form a team; but if that effort fails, the pair at the bottom of the list will be unable to play.  (Start time is 1:30 p.m.)

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